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e Ticaret Türkiye Türkiye'nin Online Ticari Ekosistemi.
A Global social e-commerce concept with special emphasize on Turkish Businesses or Businesses doing Business with Turkey.

Our Business Directory plugin offers many features. It is the gateway between our site and our business partners / memberships with tiered access controls across the spectrum of functionality. Our business members will enjoy profile-style pages specifically suited for comprehensive business information, layout, and style. You will love the full featured Business News module that keeps Your patrons informed on events, sales, or special coupons.

Our users will easily find the businesses they're looking for with the super-search filters, post business reviews for other users to read, and even subscribe to their favorite businesses' news.

This Business Directory also features a Business Document upload/download function for Businesses to upload files and make them available to users! This feature is perfect for sharing menus, brochures, promo videos, data sheets, or even zip files.

Each Business can also have their very own photo gallery, and even post multiple locations! No more need to create mulitple listings just to add more locations... now you can simply add unlimited numbers of locations for a single business; now that just makes sense.

Not to mention this Business Directory has an extensive Google Maps feature that will even display driving directions to any of the locations without leaving your site!

And just for fun, we threw in a Banners plugin that will let your users paste your banners all over the internet!

Allow me to reintroduce you to one of our flagship plugins we like to call PBAY! PBAY takes social e-commerce a step further to focus on User-to-User sales. PBAY allows Users (and Pages) to open their own stores, sell their own items, receive payments directly, manage their store-fronts.

First, let's start with the more traditional ebay-esk model. As the admin of your site, you can run
PBAY very much like ebay in that you can let list items for BuyNow, Bidding Only, or both. You will be able to enter a length (in days) to list the item, upload photos, categorize, set the buynow price (and bidding reserve), enter item location, provide a description, and purchase listing enhancements like bold, italic, highlighted, and/or pay to feature your listing. Your item will be active until the time expires or until the quantity is sold out; whichever comes first.

While the item is active, other site Users will be able to either bid on the item, or chose to simply 'buy it now' according to your settings on the item. After a User has won the item(s) with bids, or when they are checking out with buyitnow, the Buyer will be asked for shipping information, any item configuration options, and directed to pay the seller (You). Payments are made directly to the seller (You).

Second, I'll just describe briefly that as the owner, you can completely turn OFF the bidding features, the time expiration features, and listing enhancements features. With the bidding features and/or time expiration features turned OFF, this takes the business model away from 'virtual garage sale' where users are selling random items collecting dust in their basements, and more into a 'virtual mall' with various merchants, products, and store fronts. Each store has their own cart system, the ability to create your own coupons, and your own store front to list as many products that you want!

Also, PBAY comes packaged with our Cart module which includes the ability for Users to earn affiliate commissions on referred sales and/or membership referrals.

...and all this is just the tip of the iceberg:

Our other services are as the following:

Marketplace plugin to create adds.

Pages plugin to establish and keep customer loyalty.

We can create products out of just about anything.. even Event tickets!