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The health over the world is important for us

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Ülke: Turkey
Şehir: Tire
Posta Kodu: 35900
Adres: İbni Melek OSB Mah. TOSBİ Yol 4 Sok. No:17 Tire
Telefon: +(90) - 232 - 513 51 50 | +(90) - 232 - 513 51 52
Faks: +(90) - 232 - 513 51 51
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Slogan: The health over the world is important for us
Sunder (founded in 1989) is registered and involved in the production, processing and exporting of pure Certified Organic Products.
All the activities are held in Sunder' s own factory, in Tire Organized Industrial Zone.
Turkey has important potential in biological agriculture. It is the result of sufficient conditions like climate, ecology, soil, water and competitive workmanship. Besides, it is one of the luckiest countries in the world by comprising rich variety of plants and products, on her flora.

With the vision of improving the sustainable earth and the healthy living conditions, we cultivate the delicious pure organic quality agricultural products both on our lands and on the lands acquired by contract farming system.
The products are mainly Certified Organic spices, herbal teas, and culinary and medicinal herbs.