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We expect everyone to act civilly here.

Here are the rules.

1. No bashing. (Yeah, that's a period there. It means we won't allow bashing, PERIOD)

2. No vulgar language, no pornographic images or references to them.

3. Piracy, copyright infringement, nulled scripts, etc are against policy.If you post links to piracy sites or if you post any material that you don't own the rights to, you will be banned.

4. Any posts ridiculing this site, its content, or its members will be removed and the member posting such will be banned.

5. No Spamming! Do not post the same post over and over in different threads (or in the same thread). The posts will all be removed and you will be notified. If it happens a second time, your account will be suspended.

6. Any user that disrupts the community will be removed without notice and banned from further interaction here. Any user removed is not entitled to any support, downloads, services if they paid for anything. Removal from our community forfeits any purchases without refund.

7. You must conform to our Terms in the footer as you agreed to them when you joined. If you don't conform to the terms, your posts will be deleted if they break the terms and your account suspended. This includes ADVERTISING without permission.  


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