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e Ticaret Türkiye Türkiye'nin Online Ticari Ekosistemi.
As Istanbul Sailing Academy, the first professional sailing school of Turkey, we invite anyone, who wishes to get acquainted with sailing, or to improve their technique, or to gain experience or simply to get away from the daily stress of life... with the priviledge of not traveling out of town, in Kalamış Marina. Furthermore, we extend our services of education, training and equipment to all age groups and levels from beginner to advanced.

Together with our professional and well experienced team, who has set a principal of promoting the sport of sailing in our country surrounded by three different seas, we have priced our services to be able to accomodate all types of budgets, disclosing that sailing is not an expensive sport, thus intending to let anyone of any economical status be able to enjoy the sea along with the wind.

In accordance with our training programs developed by our professional team, who not only elaborates on teamwork harmonized with nature, but also accentuates joy and fun, we are looking forward to welcoming you with various options of individual or group trainings.