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Worshipful Lifestyle
Corporate worship times are only a small part of what it means to truly worship God. We are called to worship God with our lives every moment of every day and to welcome His presence at all times. We seek deeper intimacy with God the Father as we live godly lives that glorify Him.


We are the family of God upmost and foremost making fellowship, sharing and caring of high importance. We desire to foster an atmosphere of love and to be there for each other no matter what the circumstances to offer encouragement, support and prayer. The leadership, as good overseers, has been given the responsibility to protect the community from the disruptive schemes of satan.


We desire to instruct others well in the Word of God and inspire them to live by it so that they may be transformed by the renewing of their minds (Romans 12:2). We believe in the importance of being Spirit-filled and the need to walk increasingly in the Spirit daily. The goal of discipleship is that Christ would be seen in our lives individually and corporately.


Out of gratitude to God for our salvation, we are called to serve others as followers of Christ. We believe that God calls certain people to vocational ministry, but that all redeemed believers are God's ministers and servants in their own circles of influence. The church leadership's responsibility is to equip individuals to be effective servants in a variety of contexts.

Global Perspective

Jesus commanded us to go into all the world and preach the gospel (Mark 16:15). Our priority is to see the knowledge and glory of God spread throughout the whole world, so that people from all walks of life would come to salvation in Jesus. We value partnership with others doing God's kingdom work and will support God's on-going mission through prayer, resources and the commissioning and sending of individuals as led by the Holy Spirit.