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Hi, I'm Mujde, the founder and host of Nisanyan Hotel.

I think that the heart of our hotel is the kitchen and our great herb gardens. I have been in charge of the food business in our hotel for years now. I have raised many cooks in this duration.

I cook according to the delicious traditions of the Aegean gastronomy. Although sometimes I get inspired by my trips around the world.

We create a several tonnes of quality olive oil every year from the crops of our own gardens. Unfortunately, we can't sell them. But it covers for our needs.

My cooking has been broadcasted in many television channels worldwide, including the national channel of Turkey, TRT and BBC.

I would like to invite you to my cooking classes. You will learn a bit about the traditions of the Turkish kitchen in two-three hours' sessions. We will cook, chat and create a beautiful atmosphere.

If you have other plans for the limited time you have here, and if you would like to extend your stay here, please let us know. There are lots of alternative activities to be done in Sirince on a spare day too, such as enjoying our marble Turkish Bath, visiting our historic village coffee house to have your fortune told by our local fortune-tellers, or just swimming in our pool!

Course Details:

In the Tower House kitchen, during all seasons, private courses for two to four people. 50 € each, including drinks.


Three kinds of Turkish mezes. Main course with seasonal vegetables, Clay pot Stew, Sirince style Semolina dessert with pine nuts and ice cream And many little surprises!

With Love! Mujde

PS: My cooking blog is yet Turkish, but WILL be translated to English very soon.