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Mer Balik

We continue to share with you, our valued guests, the historical texture of our restaurant, which is housed by a centennial building. The main lines of the building, which have endured one hundred years, have largely been preserved throughout the careful renovation Works. The high ceiling and the ancient walls also prevent sound-pollution.

The building has served as a dairy shop until the middle of the last century and then was turned into a grocery store; but the exact date of the case is unclear. The building, which was purchased by the grandchildren of its old owner, Todor Vasilev of Bulgarian descent; has housed many businesses in its history.

Since the year 1999, the building has been converted into a fish restaurant run by the Selçuk family.

Serving its customers with a motto of “THE EYE MAY BE FOOLED BUT NOT THE TONGUE”, Mer Restaurant offers distinct tastes peculiar to many various regions. It also hold the White Lily award trophy, which is handed to very few eateries in the region and is representing top quality in cleanliness, hygiene and storage conditions. The restaurant has gained popularity with not only its high quality service but also with its cheerful personnel. A rich menu that caters delicacies suitable for all tastes is available and the personnel works with a mindset that prioritizes cleanliness above everything else. There is also a terrace built for use in summer seasons and it much resembles a garden than a simple terrace.

The brothers who are running the business have also once worked as a cook and a waiter. They are therefore highly experienced in the dining industry and their experience has been positively reflected upon the restaurant.

The current state of the business is one that inspires pride in its owners. The restaurant has flourished in time and has become a favorite dining spot of an elite portfolio of clients that even includes celebrities.
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