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Find out in this video how the Fujitsu RunMyProcess cloud platform could be used to connect wearables, sensors, mobile devices and cloud services in order to transform the end to end emergency response for a critically injured cyclist. The demonstration showcased in this video had previously been showcased at the "4th International Conference on The Internet of Things" at MIT, where Fujitsu and its collaborators - HOP Ubiquitous and HES-SO - received the prestigious “Best Demonstration” award of 2014.

Fujitsu’s vision is for a Human Centric Intelligent Society, a society in which technology is harnessed to create a better better place to live and to conduct business. Human Centric Innovation is Fujitsu’s approach to realising its vision, connecting infrastructure, information and people within new digital ecosystems which transform business and society.

Fujitsu RunMyProcess is one of the key enablers to Fujitsu’s vision and provides a cloud platform for the rapid implementation and testing of human centric innovations. It, provides the capabilities required to build connected digital systems spanning cloud, on-premise and mobile environments.
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